Will this fit the single captains chairs arrangement

No this one wont the one you require is our seatshelf 2 model


Why are there  different SeatShelf products to buy? Are they different?

Yes – the 6 SeatShelf models are different. We sell 6 different types of SeatShelf to meet your T5 and T6 needs. They are:

  • Standard T5 bench seat
  • Swivel T5 seat: when the swivel base is installed it makes the bench seat higher and slightly further forward. Due to this difference we modify  SeatShelf to suit.
  • T5 with twin swivel or twin fixed captains seats 
  • Standard T6 bench seat
  • t6 with a swivel bench seat
  • t6 with twin swivel or twin fixed captains seats 

Seatshelf 2 will fit standard captains chairs 

And also fits captains chairs with swivel bases

PLEASE NOTE it will not fit to a seat that is fixed and one that swivels due to the difference in the height of the seat base ,both seat bases need to be the same height as the shelf fits on the inside edges of the base 


Does the SeatShelf come in additional colours?

No. We currently have the SeatShelf available in black and anthracite grey. However, our team could create a bespoke colour and/or material depending on your request. Please email the team at vdubseatshelf@outlook.com to discuss a quote.  


Do you offer the piping in any other colours apart from the standard options?  

 We currently  produce Red, White, Green ,black,yellow,orange,cobalt blue ,aqua blue,grey,black,purple,plum However, our team could include a bespoke colour depending on your request. Please email the team at vdubseatshelf@outlook.com to discuss a quote.  


Do I have to remove the SeatShelf to put the armrest down?

No. Due to careful and practical design the SeatShelf does not affect driver comfort!


Can I still use the ashtray with the SeatShelf installed?

Yes the ashtray can still be used and access to your cupholders if they are still working


Can I use the middle seat when the SeatShelf installed?

Not if your passenger wants an uncomfortable journey. However, the SeatShelf simply slides out if you need the space for an additional passenger. 


Does your store have any discount codes?

sorry no but we are releasing new products which will appear on the Facebook page  Here’s the link to the SeatShelf Facebook page.

Will the seatshelf 2 fit my t6 if i have a comfort dashboard 

sorry no it wont the comfort dashboard is bigger than the original and a different shape ,we may do something in the future if we find a solution


How long will delivery take ?

usually 10-14  working days as all the seatshelfs are made to order .Thank you for your patience 

All of our seatshelfs fit lh drive models if you cant see yours listed contact us and we will sort it out

we also ship worldwide so contact us for a shipping cost